The Phoenix Academy of Mixed Martial Arts

About Phoenix Mixed Martial Arts

What we do

We are a mixed martial arts academy based in Barnoldswick, Lancashire. 
We have classes to suit all ages, ranging from ages 3 (Lil' Dragons) right up to adults. We cater for the inexperienced as well as the seasoned martial artists.
Why not get in contact now to see what we can do for you.

Our Classes

At Phoenix Mixed Martial Arts, we have many classes include Karate, self-defence, grappling, submission grappling kickboxing, weapons and MMA.

We do also run a Zumba class, please get in contact for more details.

Our Philosophies

"I fear not the man who has practiced ten thousand kicks, but the man who has practiced one kick ten thousand times"

"What you practice is what you perform"

"Its not how you get knocked down, its how you get back up"

PHONE US NOW : 07807092887